Letter to Minister Eric Hoskins


Re: Call for Increased Public Health Nurses in Schools and Transition of Nurses Currently in Community Care Access Centres (CCAC)


August 26th, 2016

Dear Eric,

Congratulations on pursuing legislative changes through Bill 210, Patients First Act, 2016 that have the potential to introduce greatly needed improvements to Ontario’s health system. We know that the current focus is on building a solid legislative framework and RNAO is pleased to be contributing to this discussion. However, we are also looking forward to the future policy development that is needed to ensure the success of the Patients First movement.

Op-Ed Letter Sent to the Toronto Star


Re: Dying woman allowed to keep medical equipment, but care will be cut (October 3, 2012 in the Toronto Star)


Hello editor,

I am deeply concerned to read about the challenges that Ms. Doris Landry and her family are experiencing in securing home care and resources, through the CCAC. Ms. Landry should be able to comfortably spend her final days with her family at home…

Nutrition for Healthy Term Infants – Recommendations from Birth to Six Months


Our perspectives on infant nutrition draw on the considerable experience of our members who work directly with mothers and babies to promote maternal child health. While overall there is much to support in the statement, we wish to draw attention to two main concerns: the proposed wording changes on the length of breastfeeding and recommendations on the use of breastmilk substitutes.

Op-Ed Letter published in the Waterloo Region Record


Re: McGuinty’s austerity budget short on compassion (March 28, 2012 in the Record)

I am a Registered Nurse and I work at a Community Health Centre in the Region of Waterloo. I read Carol Goar’s column after Tuesday’s provincial budget and I share her concern for those living below the poverty line- including seniors, persons with disabilities, the unemployed, and those living on inadequate social assistance. I am concerned that this budget will be damaging to Ontario’s most vulnerable citizens…

Letter sent to the College of Nurses of Ontario


CHNIG urges the CNO to reconsider its decision

CHNIG wrote to the College of Nurses of Ontario expressing concern about the decision made by the CNO to partner with a US-owned company in the development of the RN entry exam.

Op-Ed Letter sent to Owen Sound Sun Times


Re: in response to “What is a Public Health Nurse?”

Recent news of contract negotiations between Grey Bruce Health Unit and the public health nurses has motivated me to respond to the frequently asked question, “What is a public health nurse?” …

Op-Ed Letter Sent to the Waterloo Region Record


Re: The Death (and Rebirth) of the House Call (September 4, 2011)

I read with astonishment Sunday’s front page story which reports the return of house calls by physicians along with the Liberal government’s commitment to extending the services described. While I am ecstatic that much needed health care for frail seniors has finally become a priority, I have to wonder why, in a time when health care costs, …

Ontario Council on Community Health Accreditation


CHING sent a letter to engage in conversation between Community Health Nurses Initiative Group (CHNIG) and Ontario Council on Community Health Accreditation (OCCHA) regarding how we can collectively strengthen and integrate Public Health Nursing Competencies into accreditation for public health organizations.

Accreditation Canada


CHING sent a letter to request the opportunity to engage in conversation between Community Health Nurses’ Initiatives Group of Ontario and Accreditation Canada regarding how we can collectively strengthen and integrate Home Health Nursing Competencies into the accreditation process for home health care organizations.

College of Nurses of Ontario


CHNIG sent a letter to the College of Nurses to respectfully request the College of Nurses to consider the revision of the categories for community health nursing on the annual membership renewal form.

Community Health Nurses of Canada Release Home Health Nursing Competencies


On the final day of their national conference, the Community Health Nurses of Canada (CHNC) is releasing new Home Health Nursing Competencies. With patients being released from hospital much earlier, their care and support fall to community health nurses who are increasingly providing more complex treatments in the home.

Community Health Nurses of Canada collaborate with provincial affiliate to advocate on the Social Determinants of Health


The unique knowledge and experience community health nurses possess equip them to advocate for the vulnerable clients and help them access the right services. Community health nurses also advocate for changes in policies, health systems as well as the need for more resources for this important sector of nursing.

Advisory – Community Health Nurses of Canada Collaborates with Ontario Nursing Group to host the 4th National Community Health Nurses Conference


A conference featuring community health nurses from across the country is being held in Toronto this week and will offer nurses professional development so they can continue to build a healthy future for all Canadians. Community nurses include public and home health nurses as well as others working in the community.

Healthy Decisions for Healthy Eating Act, 2010 Private Member’s Bill introduced by France Gélinas


Ontario’s registered nurses are in support of Healthy Decisions for Healthy Eating Act, 2010 as we believe it would be a tremendous benefit to the people of Ontario. With increasingly hectic schedules and the demands of juggling competing commitments, many people each week depend on restaurants to meet their nutritional and social needs.

RNAO Bill 212 An Act to Promote Good Government:  Nov 23 2009


ATT: Pat Hoy, MPP

Chair of Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs

Submitted Letter Re. PHN Qualifications.

RNAO Changes to Health Protection and Promotion Act: April 7 2009


ATT: Honourable David Caplan

Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

This letter is to request that the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA) be revised to improve capacity of local public health units by making two important changes.

Community Nursing: Exploring Employment Trends, Work life Issues, and Patient Safety Outcomes. This presentation highlighted 4 studies representing a cross-section of research from the home care sector.


According to data from the College of Nurses of Ontario (1999-2006):

3 to 5 % of nurses employed in Ontario work in Home Care (HC), with a higher proportion of RPNs working in HC than RNs.


RPNs: Evidence for Practice & Policy. Limited evidence is available on the new diploma prepared RPN, which makes it difficult to support the development of RPN related policy and guide RPN practice. The educational preparation and role of the new diploma prepared RPN in the Ontario healthcare system is poorly understood. Decision-makers require further evidence to understand the relationship between what RPNs are taught and what they are doing, the effectiveness RPNs functioning at full scope of practice, and the impact of RPN practice on quality, cost, human resource and satisfaction indicators.

OHSC Briefing Note to M. Kirby


Re. Need for MH in OPHS – May 2008

Is anyone listening to the Community Nurses?


Originally written Feb/08 and sent to federal and provincial government leaders and numerous nurse governing bodies, as well the Owen Sound Sun Times newspaper, via e-mail, regular and registered mail.

CHNIG / RNAO Final CRC Report


Dear Minister Smitherman:

We are writing to congratulate you and the Capacity Review Committee for the excellent recommendations contained within their final report that will, if implemented, strengthen our public health system to better serve the people of Ontario. Minister, we urge you to implement all the recommendations of Revitalizing Ontario’s Public Health Capacity: The Final Report of the Capacity Review Committee.

CHNIG/RNAO Response to Government on the Caplan Report on Home Care, July 2006


Dear Minister Smitherman:

We are writing to you about Choosing Quality, Rewarding Experience: Ontario’s Response to the Caplan Report on Home Care