15 Oct Podcast Series on Public Health Nursing: Stories from the Field

Retired public health nurses Susan Blue and Maureen Cava are co-hosting an exciting new podcast series, Stories from the Field: Public Health Nursing in Ontario.


The pandemic has pushed the field of public health into the spotlight, but with most of the voices at the helm belonging to epidemiologists and physicians, nurses, who work directly with the community, have remained largely in the background.

Retired public health nurses Susan Blue and Maureen Cava wanted to amplify nursing voices, and saw a unique opportunity in the development of an entertaining and educational podcast to help students and the wider public learn more about what public health nurses do and perhaps even consider it as a career. Susan, an alumnus of the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing and Maureen who was cross appointed to the faculty and taught community health nursing, were well positioned to take on this task.

“I’ve worked in public health for almost 40 years, and I still get asked what hospital I work in,” says Cava, who is also the former president of the Ontario Public Health Nursing Leaders Association. “We are passionate about public health, and committed to ensuring the public, as well as other nurses, know what public health nursing means.”

“As a public health nurse, you are taking a preventative approach to the health and well-being of the community at large, as well as individuals” adds Blue, “It’s why we hope to see more nurses in the field.”

Stories from the Field is a six-episode podcast that takes listeners on a journey across Ontario with co-hosts Blue and Cava speaking with public health nurses about everything from harm reduction and the opioid crisis, to nursing leadership and the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information and podcast link, please visit: https://boundless.utoronto.ca/news/stories-from-the-field-a-new-public-nursing-podcast-supported-by-the-verna-huffman-splane-fund/.

Thank you for your amazing and inspirational work, Susan and Maureen!