19 Jul Celebrating CHNIG Awards & Bursaries Recipients

During the 2021 CHNIG AGM, we celebrated the work of the following CHNIG awards and bursaries recipients:

CHNIG Awards Recipients

Suzanne Braithwaite, BScN, MNSc, RN, CCHC(c) is the 2020 recipient of the CHNIG Research Award. Suzanne is currently completing her PhD in Nursing at Queen’s University. Her research aims to explore attributes of the nursing care organization that influence a nurse’s ability to enact their full scope of practice. She is most interested in exploring factors that serve as facilitators or barriers to nurses enacting their role as it relates to the well-child. Her hope is that through her research, this knowledge can be translated into meaningful evidence that can support both frontline care and decision-making in the context of primary care.

Josalyn Radcliffe, BScN, BA, RN is the 2020 recipient of the CHNIG Education Award. Josalyn is a doctoral student completing her PhD in public health at the University of Waterloo. Community engagement is central to Josalyn’s research, and is focused on addressing connected crises of climate change and food insecurity. Through her work she is exploring the broader social and ecological goals and how they intersect with the real-world circumstances and the livelihood needs of food growers and community members. Her work integrates critical theory and innovative research strategies that meaningfully engage community partners.

CHNIG Bursary Recipients

Mira Liao Parkinson – 2021 CHNIG Undergraduate Nursing Student Bursary Recipient

Jamara Smith – 2021 CHNIG Undergraduate Nursing Student Bursary Recipient

Nicole Dan – 2021 Special Prize for CHNIG Outstanding Promotional Video Recipient

Congratulations to our awards and bursaries recipients, CHNIG wishes you all our best in your future endeavours!