16 May City of Hamilton receives honourable mention for CNA Employer Recognition Awards

Staff at The City of Hamilton Public Health Services were thrilled to learn during Nursing Week, that it had received recognition for support of excellence in nursing practice.

The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) is the national professional voice of registered nurses in Canada. CNA offers voluntary certification in 19 specialties including community health, emergency, gerontology, medical-surgical, perinatal, and psychiatric and mental health nursing. CNA certification is obtained by successfully completing a rigorous exam process to ensure a Nurse’s specialized knowledge and skills are current and comprehensive.

The City of Hamilton Public Health Services has received honourable mention as part of the CNA Employer Recognition Awards, which honour employers who have shown exceptional commitment to supporting Nurses pursuing and maintaining national certification. In Public Health Services, Nurses seeking certification in the speciality of community health receive support through provision of study resources, exam fees and mentoring by Nurses who have already earned certification. The City has 19 Nurses certified in community health nursing working in Public Health Services, and also a few Nurses anxiously awaiting the results of this year’s certification exam, written in April.

CCHN certified nurses at Hamilton Public Health Services are leading the way for others to consider how certification will influence a culture of professionalism and commitment towards their profession and specialty, and how more knowledge and awareness of the specialization of community health nursing ultimately helps to better serve the public.