10 Dec [CNA Webinar] Nursing Leadership for Planetary Health: Embodying the Urgency of Climate Reality

You are invited to the CNA Webinar Series – Nursing Leadership for Planetary Health: Embodying the Urgency of Climate Reality, on Thursday, December 17th, 2020 at 12PM EST. This webinar is presented by Fiona Hanley, RN, BA, BSc., MSc, Nursing Faculty, Dawson College, Course Lecturer, McGill University.


2020 has turned out to be a very different year than the one we expected. This was to be the year of widespread climate action, building on the surging momentum around the world triggered by Greta Thunberg amid the growing realization of the existential crisis facing humanity, and the fast narrowing window of opportunity to prevent a catastrophic tipping point. Instead, the world was brought to a screeching halt by the COVID-19 pandemic, and climate was pushed to the back of public consciousness. The urgency of climate action is as real as ever however, and nurses are being called on to take leadership roles in fighting climate change and planning for adaptation to the consequences of climate on individuals, families and communities.

This webinar will enable participants to:

  • increase their knowledge about contributing factors to climate change,
  • increase their knowledge about the effects of climate on populations in Canada,
  • increase their understanding of the links between climate change and health,
  • gain knowledge about nursing leadership on climate action in Canada and elsewhere, and
  • develop strategies for implementing knowledge about climate and health into their personal and professional lives.

Learn more and register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_2_UpYDoVTam-GKpDlmPa2Q