10 Dec Mohawk College: Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Course

We are pleased to announce the inaugural offering of a new online Infectious Disease Prevention and Control course for RNs wanting to practice in public health through Mohawk College.

Course Description:
Examine the public health sciences related to infectious diseases prevention and control, and emergency preparedness and response, taking into consideration legislation and public health policy in Canada, and apply these concepts and approaches to the public health nursing roles and responsibilities.   

Registration is now open for January 2021 through the following link: 


The capacity for the first offering is 30 students so registration is limited.

This is the first course being offered as part of a post-graduate certificate program. The plan is to develop 9 courses in 2021 with release of the program in winter 2022.  The last course is a 90-hour practicum.  

The course design involves 13 modules with readings/videos/webinars, critical inquiry questions, and group discussions. The textbook is Stamlers et al (2020). Students are in groups of 6 and participation is expected by posting their original response to the critical inquiry questions and to respond at least once to a peer. The assessment methods are 10 knowledge check quizzes, 3 critical reflections, 2 graded discussion posts and final MCE.

If you have any questions about the course, please contact Ruth Schofield at schofir@mcmaster.ca.