22 Oct New Member Survey

CHNIG is committed to act as a voice for community health nurses and the public we serve.  We work to affect change in the health care system and policies which impact the work of CHNs and health of the public. As representatives of Ontario CHNs, the CHNIG executive requires your input to develop strategic plans to address issues of importance to you.

We want to ensure CHNIG members voice is heard and also offer our members an opportunity to get more involved. Therefore, we are asking for your input into professional practice issues you believe need to be addressed by CHNIG.   We also need your input into issues of advocacy and political action in which CHNIG should be involved.

All information you provide will be held confidential unless you choose to disclose your name. Any reports will discuss the data on a group level.  Your survey answers will not affect your relationship with CHNIG.
The following questions will take approximately 10 minutes to answer.  Please feel free to elaborate with comments.  There are no right or wrong answers. We are simply looking for your opinion.

Click here to access the survey.