12 Apr OPHA’s 2012-2013 Membership Drive is Now On!

Here’s a little bit of what OPHA can do for you.

OPHA Membership Can Support Your Professional and Career Development and Growth and Provide Networking Opportunities for You.

Monthly webinars were made available for free for OPHA members and for a nominal fee for non-members in 2011-12.  Participation numbers were very good (e.g., Results Based Accountability, Youth Engagement Initiative Evaluation, Built Environment).  We plan to provide this same offering to our membership in 2012-13.  This line-up will prove to be even more interesting and will include):

  • Investigation on the Marketing of Sugary Drinks – Pan-Canadian Initiative;
  • Engaging a Priority Population in Breast Screening Utilizing a Number of Effective Approach and Evidence Informed Approaches;
  • Public Health System in Connecticut (pending);
  • Healthy Eating Web Sub-Series, including Food Policy;
  • Built Environment Web Sub-Series; and
  • Health Equity

The OPHA mentorship program will be fully implemented in 2012-13.  We are still looking for OPHA mentors and mentees.  If you are interested, please register and complete your profile. The intention of this program is to foster leadership amongst new professionals, support professional development and provide an opportunity for experienced professionals to exchange knowledge and experience.

To register as a member, please go to:http://www.cvent.com/events/opha-membership-2012-2013/event-summary-2e46e906cda8453795c7bac8e782567e.aspx.