17 Dec Registration for PHAC Skills Online Winter 2014 session closes on December 29th

This award winning program provides an accessible, affordable, and flexible opportunity to build your knowledge and skills in public health. Recognized by public health organizations across Canada, these online modules contain interactive, practical Canadian content and are available to all public health practitioners.

Take a look at the new Skills Online video – http://youtu.be/xmbeBc-V838.  Share it with your colleagues!

Facilitated modules are offered over an eight week period starting in the Winter (January), Spring (May), and Fall (September). The estimated time to complete each module is 25 to 40 hours.

Facilitated modules available this session:

EPI 1:        Basic Epidemiological Concepts ($75)

EPI 2:        Measurement of Health Status  ($175)

EPI 3:        Descriptive Epidemiologic Methods  ($175)

APP 1:       Outbreak Investigation and Management  ($175)

APP 2:       Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases  ($175)

APP 3:       Applied Epidemiology: Injuries  ($175)

PHP 2:       Evidence Based Public Health Practice  ($175)

STA 1:        Introduction to Biostatistics  ($175)

SUR 1:       Introduction to Public Health Surveillance  ($175)

SUR 2:       Communicating Data Effectively  ($175)


Self-directed modules available:

PHP 1:  Introduction to Public Health ($0)

PHP 4:  Introduction to Literature Searching ($0)


Register now to help fit public health professional development into your schedule!  Register online at: www.skillsonline.ca.  Registration will close on December 29, 2013.  The session start date is January 13, 2014 for all facilitated modules.  For more information: http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/skills