27 Jan Request of the RNAO members who make up the RNAO FASD Advocacy Working Group

At RNAO’s AGM in 2012, a resolution was passed to have RNAO advocate for an integrated strategy to address FASD in Ontario (See Resolution Backgrounder).
This issue was highlighted in the Nov./Dec. issue of the RN Journal and was reinforced in a presentation made by 2 RNAO members before the Select Committee on Developmental Services last week in London (See Submission).
The Working Group would like to continue its advocacy work and hopes to expand its membership to include other RNAO members who have an interest in or passion for, this particular issue and its health, educational and justice implications.  The contacts for the group are Kathy Layte (kvlayte@rogers.com) and Mary Mueller (mmueller@regionofwaterloo.ca).