12 Aug [RNAO Action Alert] Premier Ford: Implement the 3 Mandatory Asks of Nurses

Join us and sign [RNAO Action Alert] Premier Ford: Implement the 3 Mandatory Asks of Nurses!

With a fourth wave of COVID-19 already raging, it is paramount that the Ontario and federal governments take swift and decisive action. RNAO argues the way forward to keep the pandemic in check and protect vulnerable populations is for Premier Ford to adopt the 3 Mandatory Asks:

  • #MandatoryVaccination for health-care workers (unless medical exemption)
  • #MandatoryVaccination for teachers and educational staff (unless medical exemption)
  • #MandatoryVaccinePassports for everyone (unless medical exemption)

Join us! Call on Premier Ford to implement the 3 Mandatory Asks. RNAO believes these strategies must be enforced immediately to slow the spread of this fourth wave without having hospitals at overcapacity, cancelled procedures and surgeries; and more lockdowns.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. We are confronted with the spread of dangerous COVID-19 variants, and a fourth wave driven by unvaccinated persons. We must continue to educate people about the benefits and safety of vaccines and ensure easy access. At the same time, we must act swiftly on #MandatoryVaccination for health-care workers, teachers and educational staff, reinforcing their duty to do no harm to protect our most vulnerable patients and students. We must also implement Mandatory COVID-19 vaccine passports designed with equity, security and privacy of individuals in mind. #MandatoryVaccinePassports for COVID-19 will inspire vaccine uptake and allow people to resume their lives and engage in the things they enjoy, while remaining safe and protecting others – including businesses and the economy.

Join us! Let Premier Ford know that implementing our 3 Mandatory Asks is the best way to fight COVID-19 and transition out of the pandemic.

Learn more and sign the action alert at https://rnao.ca/policy/action-alerts/premier-ford-implement-the-3-mandatory-asks-of-nurses.