16 Mar Skills Online Spring 2014. Registration is now open!

Skills Online is pleased to announce the addition of a new course to its suite of modules designed to help you increase your knowledge and skills to meet the core competencies for public health.

Evaluation is a critical part of work in all areas of public health. Introduction to Evaluation will increase your ability to:

  • understand program evaluation
  • plan, conduct and commission an evaluation of a public health/health promotion intervention
  • use evaluation findings to improve practice and policy.

Registration for all modules in the Spring 2014 session of Skills Online is open from March 24 to April 20, 2014. The session start date is May 12, 2014 for all facilitated modules.  Self-directed modules are available on an ongoing basis and registration for self-directed modules can be done at any time.

To register, please visit www.skillsonline.ca. For detailed descriptions of current modules, please click on the listed modules below.

Facilitated modules available this session: 

EPI 1: Basic Epidemiological Concepts ($75)

EPI 2: Measurement of Health Status  ($175)

EPI 3: Descriptive Epidemiologic Methods ($175)

APP 1: Outbreak Investigation and Management  ($175)

APP 2: Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases ($175)

APP 3: Applied Epidemiology: Injuries ($175)

PHP 2: Evidence Based Public Health Practice ($175)

STA 1: Introduction to Biostatistics ($175)

SUR 1: Introduction to Public Health Surveillance ($175)

SUR 2: Communicating Data Effectively ($175)

**NEW** EVA1: Introduction to Evaluation ($175)


Self-directed modules available: 

PHP1:        Introduction to Public Health  (no cost)

PHP4:        Introduction to Literature Searching  (no cost)

Check out the new Skills Online video and share it with your colleagues.