18 Feb Calling all Community Nurses – share your career highlights with CHNC

Celebrating the Past – Building the Future: CHNC’s 30 year Anniversary

Oh, the stories community health nurses have to tell!  Every nurse has encountered memorable situations and circumstances in the course of her/his work in the community.  In recognition of the 30th anniversary of the Community Health Nurses Association of Canada, CHNC is undertaking publication of a compilation of community nursing stories.  Here is your opportunity to share your favourite highlight from your nursing practice:

  • Think of a situation where you experienced success or felt great satisfaction.
  • Or one that led to significant learning (in other words maybe one that didn’t go so well but you sure learned a lot!).
  • A time when you learned something about yourself or the value of your nursing presence.  Your client may have acknowledged the impact of your efforts in working with him/her/them
  • It might be a serious or a humorous situation that you particularly recall as memorable.
  • Were there particular working conditions that you would like to tell about?
  • Perhaps there is a nurse who inspired you or mentored you and you would like to share that experience.
  • Or a student experience in learning about community health nursing?


Community Health Nurses are invited to submit written stories, anecdotes, poems or other creative expressions (e.g. drawing) that capture nursing stories from your experience as a nurse in community health.  Current members of CHNC will be given priority in selection for publication.  (You can join or renew your membership at www.chnc.ca if you have not yet done so).

Submissions will be accepted in English and French. Pictures (with appropriate permissions) may be included for consideration; any photos, pictures or graphics will be produced in black and white only in the publication.

Joint authorship with another Community Health Nurse is welcome where appropriate to the situation.

Deadline to indicate your intent to submit: March 1, 2017 by completing the required form (available on the CHNC website) and sending it to ed.chnc@gmail.com.  Title the email: Intent to Submit Form.

Deadline for submission of your contribution: April 14, 2017 by email to ed.chnc@gmail.com.  Title the email: Publication Submission.

Visit the CHNC website for more information.

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