26 Dec CNO Update on Psychotherapy and RN Prescribing

CNOThe College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) Council has approved draft regulations for psychotherapy and for RN prescribing.

The draft regulation for psychotherapy contains proposed changes under the Nursing Act, 1991 to identify that a RN may perform the controlled act of psychotherapy.  RNAO and its interest groups have long advocated for RNs to continue to initiate and perform psychotherapy when it was proclaimed a controlled act.

The draft regulation for RN prescribing contains proposed changes under the Nursing Act, 1991 to permit a RN to prescribe a drug (or a drug from within a category of drugs) set out in Schedule 4 (page 60 in the CNO Council briefing package for December) and to communicate a diagnosis for the purpose of prescribing.  These changes are contingent on the RN meeting the conditions set out by CNO, which include the RN successfully completing education that is approved by Council and specifically designed to educate RNs to safely, effectively and ethically prescribe drugs.  Since 2011, RNAO has called for RNs to prescribe independently – within scope – in all practice settings inclusive of diagnostics.


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