16 Oct Food for Thought – Leadership Perspective: Bringing Nursing Back to the Future Through People-Powered Care


At a time when there is a growing interest in person- and family-centred care and integrated community-based models, the unique strengths and expertise of home care nursing is a strategic lever for change across all healthcare settings.  In this paper, we explore the theme of people-powered care as a universal starting point – a new approach to health and wellness that is anchored in the strengths of people, their networks and the patterns of everyday life.  Leveraging key insights from home and community care, along with broader societal shifts towards personalization and empowerment, we discuss how nurses in all areas of the system can lead the way by empowering staff, patients and their families.  Finally, we look at the implications for nursing leadership including how our knowledge, skills and abilities must continue to evolve to effectively impact change and enable this vital transformation to occur.

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