04 May Job Opportunity: Full-Time Community-Based Care Transition Coordinator

Dr. Maureen Markle-Reid and Dr. Carrie McAiney are looking to hire or second a Baccalaureate-prepared RN to implement an intervention for a study on transitional care.  This intervention will take place over approximately one year.  The study will examine the implementation and effectiveness of a nurse-led transitional care intervention for older adults with multiple chronic conditions and depressive symptoms who are being discharged home from hospital.  The eligible candidate will have the following qualifications:

  • Home visit experience;
  • Experience working with older adults;
  • Experience in mental health, and preferably experience with identification and management of depression; and
  • Good working knowledge of the community and community organizations.  Ideally, has connections in the community.


One position is for the Hamilton area and the second is for Burlington.

For more information, please contact Agata Drozd, the CAST Research Coordinator, by email at drozda@mcmaster.ca.  Thank you.